OmNom Schedule etc.

I found this great precedence for my project!

The build is going well I now have a rough prototype to understand the sort of size of container I’ll need. I’ve sent in my proposal to kickstarter and am waiting for approval. I have 1 completed personality of noises that are now triggered by the sensors. My next steps are to finish up the multiple personalities, install OmNom and start ding some testing, design a more finished container to be laser cut, and test, test, test.

April 18
Have all sensors installed and triggering reactions based on the kinds of interactions I’m expecting.

April 21
Have 1 more peronality crafted and a switch to allow the user to change personalities. Install the rough prototype in a waste bin. Have an illustrator file ready for the laser cutter.

April 25
Have done some initial user testing and begin to refine interactions, sounds, and code. Have all Personalities crafted and ready for tweaking. Hopefully have materials cut and read to be assembled for final housing.

April 28
Installed OmNom in new housing and have a OmNom bin setup on the 10th floor for mass user testing.

May 2
More improvements made and 2nd OmNom built and ready for deployment. Rough draft of paper finished. Start collecting all materials for final presentation.

May 5
Paper written and finished. Hopefully have raised gobs of money on kickstarter. Any final minor tweaks made. Presentation 90% finished.

May 9
Final presentation! and then drinks!