something must’ve happened, I definitely posted a full schedule before class on Monday…

for May  09 – Final Presentation.  Do a little dance, make a little love, get down tonight… get down tonight.

for May  05 – finish rough draft, fine tune videos/sound, rehearse,

for May  02 – user testing, fill in a bit of final paper sections, fine tune videos/sound, rehearse

for April 28 – user testing, plan out final paper sections, collect more videos, master sound and fine tune timing, rehearse

for April 25 – User testing, get Kickstarter page up with updated demo video, come up with theme for video samples, start collecting videos, plan out “storyline”/song structure of the performance

for April 21 – plan out short presentation, work out pad kinks, add playback speed and step sequencer functionality

for April 18 –