Sewing, sewing…

I decided to work on the look and feel and started making my robot plush toy. However, without a sewing machine, it took me forever to sew it. It still does not have eyes or any signs on live on it, but it’s getting there.

At the same time, I ran the xBees and they are working fine in AT Mode. It means they are talking to each other when both of them are connected to an arduino. However, to achieve sending info to the Internet, I have to use them in API mode. I have some challenges over there, for some reason I don’t know, the coordinator gets signals from the router but they don’t run the code upload, I’m getting a blink signal only.

No matter what, I’ll finish the look and feel and test them in AT mode, which basically means they will be talking to each other in the same room. After I am done with the look and feel, I’ll work on getting it to work sending info to the net.7

By the way, I had my first user test with the wired prototype. The feedback was hopeful, my tester said she felt life in the toy. I’ll post the video when I’m finished uploading it to Youtube.

Here are some pictures from my everlasting sewing session: