Tinker Update

Making steady progress on my project. This weekend was filled with a lot of emails trying to line up more people who might be interested in my project, and as of today I’ve got Tinker installed on a few different sites, including Scott’s Transparent Band page.

As far as the project is concerned, I’ve implemented a revision and draft system that seems to be working pretty smoothly. Every 60 seconds a draft is saved to a sub-folder in the Tinker system, which gets overwritten. If a draft from a previous session is in the system when the page is loaded, a message will alert the user that there is a draft available.

Every time a user hits the save button, it will save their current changes to the live version of the file and save a backup of the most recent version they had published. The really cool thing about this system is that when selecting and previewing a revision, it is loaded almost instantly and shown in the browser. This works the same for loading the draft version, too.

As soon as the user decides that they have the version they want, they can just hit save and the live version is updated right away.

There are a lot of bug fixes and behind the scenes updates I want to make, and that will probably be what I focus on for the rest of the term. At this point, I feel like Tinker is in a fairly good place and is solid enough to start distributing more often.

And for anybody who wants incredible new features, you can download Tinker v.0.0.5