Onward to Glupiter! … and a reality check

I’ve been working a bit on coding the Glupet interface, but have come to the realization that I won’t really be able to test this thing with kids any time soon; only when there is a real online database they can play with or a portable toy.

To test the effectiveness of getting friendly reminders from your pet to check your blood glucose a certain number of times either with a mobile device or a portable device is improbable at this point. For instance, I don’t think most little kids have cell phones, and most parents would rightly not grant me permission to text them 4-5 times a day to tell them to log information into the glupets website. In order to test this with kids, I would probably need to build several portable devices or something that can upload user-input information online somehow.

I can, however, get some adults, perhaps, to test this for me. Not sure if that would show whether or not it would be an effective tool for kids.

I DID start building some look/feel sketches for how the world would appear. I will use these as possible user scenarios in my final presentations/paper Of course, I am calling the Glupy home planet: Glupiter.

Here is another random sketch, but I didn’t like it as much.