Tinker gets a home 

On Yury’s advice, I put together a presentation that would adequately explain Tinker to a person unfamiliar with the project, and while I didn’t go through a specific user sceneario, I do call out developers and site owners in my narration, and describe how Tinker might serve them.

Other than that, I’ve been working on further ironing out technical issues (server file systems can be very convoluted, especially when you want to make a system plug-n-play), but I’m making progress. Each iteration I do addresses plenty of technical hurdles, but hurdles that probably < 10% of people would experience. That’s good, but I want this thing to be bulletproof.

Additionally, I created a site to house this project and to sell it a bit. The only way people will download Tinker is because they have a compelling reason, and this site’s focus is to make those reasons abundantly clear. As I release new versions, I’ll be posting them to this site, so you can always grab the latest here. Click on the link and try it out!

Tinker site preview