kni++ final 

Kni++ is a collection of experimental knit accessories which reflect or emit light to heighten driver awareness of commuters at night.

Retroreflective Kni++ Cowl

Kni++ is a unique knitwear collection invigorated by illumination. The inspiration for this collection stems from the women I commute home with every evening. Many train stations are dimly lit and often people driving past are tired or distracted. The illumination these scarves offer will provide safety through light offering a safe commute home.

Through a combination of research and experimentation I found that commuter awareness by nighttime drivers can be dramatically enhanced through the use of retroreflective material or LEDs on accessories worn on pedestrian’s major joints (neck/shoulders, ankles/knees and wrists) creating a clear vision of biological motion.

Below is my final paper.
Final Paper

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