intro + favourite toy


Hello! My name is Rachel, and I’m originally from Singapore. I grew up in HongKong for 7 years, moved back to Singapore for secondary/highschool, then moved to China for 6 months for internship, then to Japan for another 3 months and finally settled in University of Melbourne, Australia for bachelor degree majoring in media studies.

In terms of work experience I’ve done quite a lot of legal (and some barely legal) jobs,  mostly because I started exhibiting (fine arts) when I was 16 and needed the money for shows/supplies. My foundation is in fine arts, particularly classical oil painting then photography in university and finally to performance and digital interactive art.

NYC has so far been pretty cool, and last week I tried my first funnel cake!!! I plan to try all American foods while I’m here

My Interest in this Class

Even though I have a bit of experience with physical computing, I feel like there’s lots of learn more and also I really want to learn it properly instead of being half-baked about it. Mostly I really like physical computing and circuitry, and it just seems wonderful to be able to create these little toys – almost gifts, that can make people feel happier. It’s like, I don’t know why but the idea of having a blinking LED pin is both cute and cool and whoa awesome, you just can’t help but think it’s wonderful. I’ll like to be able to learn the skills to make these things  so that other people can enjoy them.

 Favourite Toy(s)

I’m hypoallergic to many things; one of them being synthetic hair (esp. in dolls’) so I spent most of my childhood playing Lego with my siblings. Actually we got really good at it and there was a period of time that my sister, brother and I were entering Lego juniors’ competitions as a team to win money.  My favourite type of Lego was called Lego Technic:

After Lego (and to a lesser extent, Tamiya racing) my siblings and I moved on to digital/console games. We pooled our cash together to buy a Playstation when I was 10, and from then onwards it was mostly gaming.  My siblings and I are still gaming addicts though, it seems that you never grow out of childhood only now with a ‘professional’ job you earn more money to buy all the games you want without a parent scolding you (hah!)