3 Projects I like at the Maker Faire

1 . The Empowerment Plan : Veronika Scott at the College of Creative Studies

The jacket is self-heated, waterproof, and transforms into a sleeping bag at night for a homeless people. I am very interested in using our knowledge in our daily lives and for people. I think that Veronika’s idea and her coat are great example of using our knowledge to needed people.


2. In the Wind: Michell Cardona and Nelson Ramon at NYU ITP

A project on self-generating power with wind. The project is great use of alernative energy. Magnetics in the center of the bands vibrate as wind blows and create energy. These two people studies at the NYU ITP.


3. Spinning Drum: University of Massachusetts Amherst, Electric Computer Engineering

A user hits the synthisizer key inputs to create animation on the screen. The music player is very simple and easy to use, so I found lots of not technical users having fun to play with it.