Maker Faire

The Reverse GeoCache Puzzle
Mikal Hart

The Reverse Geocache Puzzle is a wooden box containing an Arduino, the exterior of the box has a small LCD displaying a set of numbers. The user takes the box, places something inside, and programs it to open only in a specific place. The user then gives the box to someone else and that person can only open the box when they get to that specific place, the LCD displays the total miles away from the spot. Hart often produces these boxes as engagement gifts, with the ring inside only to be found and opened when the spot is located. I love the idea of a box of secrets that only opens in a certain spot, the only thing I would change is that I think the boxes could have some more intricate woodwork.


Seedbombs start out with a ball of clay, the user takes that clay and rolls it in a mixture of compost, grass seeds and wildflower seeds. The user then tosses that ball into a plot of land where it can grow. The idea behind Seedbombs could be thought of like urban guerrilla farming, if there is an abandoned lot surrounded by a tall fence all one would have to do is throw a Seedbomb over the fence and a garden would be planted. I found it very refreshing that these were one of the few people I met at Maker Faire that were not trying to sell me anything. The company itself is a nonprofit and truly believes in finding new ways to better the community. The idea itself is simple but effective and requires little cost on the side of the user.

Vertical Theory
Karen McKay

Vertical Theory is a form of urban gardening using felt and hydroponics, it takes up a small amount of space and is relatively easy to maintain. Although we are inundated with new urban gardening techniques at the moment I was really drawn to this piece. The use of simple materials such as felt, buckets, funnels and hoses made this particular form of urban gardening feel very accessible. With little money, space, and time I could easily set this up inside my apartment and have a harvest within a month. It really goes to show that you don’t need a lot of money and a huge backyard to have a small garden of your own.