Harry Potter Pumpkin

1. Ze Harry Potter Pumpkin

2. This magical pumpkin lights up and shoots spells based on how close a person is to the pumpkin. The eyes and wand of the pumpkin are LEDs and a sound recorder plays back 3 different spells.

3. I was having a lot of issues with the PIR sensor, so I switched to the miniphoto cell. This actually ended up being a good thing, because I can assign different values based on distance instead of just one with the PIR. The RGB LEDs make it more playful and integrates emotionality to the pumpkin; the closer you get to it, the more aggressive the spells get.

I haven’t had success with the sound recorder just yet. I’m missing the JST female connector, but with the new soddering skills we’re picking up today, I should be able to work around it. There’s also something funky going on with the wand part. It lights up, but its super dim.