Pumpkinstein, eater of pumpkins (Noa and Aaron)

Pumpkinstein is a life loving pumpkin that loves to eat and receive a lot of attention.  Pumpkinstein makes happy sounds when you rub his ears, which are connected to pots and speakers.  If you walk away, this is detected by a maxsonar sensor and his eyes turn red and angry, but if you are close, they are peaceful and blue.  If you feed him candy, it interrupts a led/photo resistor circuit and his eyes blink in happiness.

The challenges so far have been figuring out the timing on potentiometers and speakers that make up the pumpkins ears.  It’s been complicated making them both only react when touched, and not just running all the time.  The other tricky part has been taking the simpler code from all separate sensors and combining them all together to play nice.