Toccata CalaBach

Toccata Calabaza is an interactive pumpkin design that has different functions based on three inputs. A motion sensor, when triggered plays the Toccata and Fugue in D minor. When the night falls a photoresistor triggers the light inside the pumpkin. A temperature sensor is set to change the lights to flickering orange when it gets colder outside.

Some of the challenges I found in making this pumpkin is that the PIR sensor is too sensitive, so the the Toccata plays constantly. I will have to take off the lens, and perhaps the sound will be more accurate to movement. Another challenge is better representing the chill of the ghost with more than just an orange flicker. Some positive aspects of the project have been learning to compose with PWM, and having to do more research on motion sensing. I’m excited to learn more about music tones with PWM pins.