For Next Class 

Hi All,

I’m just reviewing to make sure everyone is on the same page.

In the next class you are coming in with you WORKING project.  You DO need blog post documenting your project.

The working project is do next class.  The blog post can be turned in the following class.  BUT, it’s always easier to document while your project still works well and is fresh to the mind.

The Blog Post should have:
1) Project Name
2) A photo of the electronics
3) A photo of the final project
4) A short video demonstrating it. [More in video below]
5) The code you used.

Regarding the video, it should:
Be 60-90 seconds long.
Contain the project title [either with a graphic or via voice over)
Demonstrate the concept and function.

This does not have to be a perfect “Pixar-quality” video. It just needs to contain the above.  It can be done very well with a careful long-take, with a voice over.
The video should be posted on Vimeo or google and then embedded in to

Bring to next class:

1) The LOL Shield. We will be soldering them.

2) A power strip if you have one. I’ll try to bring one too.