Searching for the Right Channel 

This project was created using the LOL Shield by Jimmie Rodgers and the IR library by Ken Shirriff. The LOL library and the IR library do not work together because the ISR code in both is using the same timer. I tried combining both libraries and make one of the  ISR a separate function and injected into the other, however; it failed, so I had to alter the example code of the LOL Shield without the library and the help of my friend Shawn Lauriat. The idea the came to fruition, using the mac remote I was able to move a dot around the screen. Then if you found the right dot an animation would appear that I coded in with the help of Jimmie Rodgers’s excel sheet. Then the play button would flash all the LEDs at once and the menu button would reset your dot position. Its aesthetic is like a cute TV or a Bomb!

Searching for the Right Channel