Amira Anne Pettus MIDTERM_ Journal Entry 1

Project overview:

Originally a screen based game that allowed the player to manipulate their BPM in order to complete a time color matching game against a set pattern created by the computer.( BPM ranges matched up to specific colors which the player must discover and manipulate to match the computer’s color based patter.)

Physical Object: The game became physical and now the player has a handheld object embedded with RGB leds. The concept is the same,however instead of squares on the screen the colors of leds are changed depending on BPMs.

known and unknown challenge :

To make a game ,using the heart sensor, that one could play alone or with another person. There was some initial trouble with mapping the BPM to the color ranges as well as creating a range that the player could manipulate to change the colors of the boxes(LEDs).


surprising: How the project evolved from living on the screen to a physical object and the natural handheld shape it took on.

jewel/wildcard: When the project was screen based and the players competed against each other to match the computer generated pattern we had trouble thinking about how to make this aspect physical. The idea of cards with pattens came up and I believed fit in with the feel of the game nicely.