Theater Safety Glasses

Known and Unknown Challenges:
The Theater Safety Glasses are an old idea that I am refurbishing to create a second version. The main intent is to take a good idea in the first prototype stage and take it further. To begin the Arduino board needs to be stripped from the circuit, therefore I began my technical implementation with creating a new circuit to be etched. An immense challenge was to configure all of the elements comfortably on to the glasses. I have found that I need to make a 3d-printed part for this project in order to incorporate the circuit, battery, servos and curtain.
KNOWN: battery is huge, first etching of pcb.
UNKOWN: 3d modeling, it’s not Christmas time… so it’s harder to find red velvet cloth : /

Easter Egg Experiences:
When thinking of how to recreate this project I found the new challenge of detaching from the previous image to make a new one. Unfortunately I have not been able to come up with a better look and feel, I am just making the electronics, the user experience, and the design tighter.
Rhino is free, and there are a ton of tutorials online.
I love designing pcbs.