Amira and Ramiro’s Midterm Journal 2 Entry

pictures above in order: 1. physical prototype 2. Code( next phase ) 3. Cards ( look and feel )to indicate patterns players should attempt to mimic using their BMP


In 4-8 sentences, Describe what how you will work on your prototypes between now in next class.  What is left to do?  What surprised you?

Between now and next class Ramiro and I will

1.) Implement and refine final physical protoype. —We will make 2 controllers so that there is the option to play against another person as well as yourself.

2.) Transfer our paper version patterns to actual cardstock — we will make a complete deck of patterns for our players to compete.

3.) Refine our code

Our materials to house our final version/hardware has been ordered and we await its arrival. We will be using a wooden casing to house our Arduino because of the look and feel it provides.( Also our metal version is conductive and interferes with the hardware.