Final Project Concepts-Liz Taylor

My concepts are all fairly similar, I basically know that I want to work with a group of small objects that are networked together and communicating.

Idea 1: Small animal shaped objects/lamps or small geodescic objects/lamps that communicate to each other.  Each object has it’s own individual color when it is the only object in a zone. The closer they are to each other, the more they try to assume the same color.  I’m not sure what would determine the hierarchy of what final color they assume, unless it is that they’re always trying to mix between the colors. (aka a red object and a blue object would always turn purple)
Loose precedent: Suwappu:

Idea 2: Little objects made out of cardboard that have small motors/wheels that they can move around with.  They communicate and are always trying to find each other.  Once they find each other, they stop moving.
Precedents: Tween Bots:
Cardboard Radio:

Idea 3: Small sound objects (with some light) that serve as speakers that can communicate.  They’re running on max, and work together to build off each other’s sounds.  Possibly made out of clay or ceramics?
Cardboard Radio: Speakers: