Heart Racer (The Game)

Heart Racer is a goal-based toy that tasks the user with learning how to control her own heart rate within a playful setting.  When the game begins, the player picks a card at random from a stack.  Each card has five circles, each set to either red or blue.  The player must control her heartbeat to recreate the card’s color pattern on the Heart Racer device’s five LEDs.  The player has ten seconds to affect each LED; a low heart rate turns the LED blue while a fast heart rate turns it red.

Friends with multiple Heart Racer devices can also compete by using the same card.  The user whose Heart Racer most closely matches the pattern on the card wins that round.

Heart Racer uses the Pulse Sensor to take the user’s heartbeat.  It also uses 5 Red-Green-Blue LEDs to show the user her current heart rate.  Finally, it uses an Arduino as the microcontroller that brings all the parts of the project together.


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