Final Concepts

1. Traffic interruption helmet

  • for disrupting umbrella traffic or increasing personal space in the city

2. Motion and Color skateboard

  • sensor in the ramp that light leds as it passes over
  • accelerometers cause leds to light up when flips, possible pov apps

3. internet “brita” water filter

  • learn what is in the water around the world

4. GA guide stones interactive game/film

5. caffeine tracking device/website

6. modern message in a bottle

  • track an actual message in a bottle

7. weather balloon photography and air pollutants tracker

8. Fake twitter feeds game

  • attempt to make a mockery of local news

9. internet radio radio

  • put internet radio feeds into a retro knob radio

10. acid rain meter

11. Assassin Game

  • uses wireless devices with simon says with hide and seek

12. gps wallet/keys