Penguin prototypes

In the South Pole, father penguins are the ones who take care of their unhatched eggs instead of the female penguins (female penguins travels away to hunt for their family during this time). Sometimes there are accidents of father penguins drop or lose their eggs. Because of the low temperature of the South Pole, if the father doesn’t rearrange the egg in his stomach the egg will freeze.

In this case, the father penguin is blind so he needs help to find his lost egg.


The egg is naive and curious.Because it is almost hatch season, the egg wants to move around. He doesn’t realize he is risking his life and doesn’t know that his father is looking for him.


We, the audience, are the helpers. However we cannot interfere with nature, so instead of taking physical actions, we can use our voice to communicate with penguin through the device.



another penguin papercraft penguin_e_a4