Major Studio: Look and Feel prototypes- final


1. The role is pretty straight forward. This would be used in conjunction with freestyle boarding.

2. It could also be used as a safety feature for boarding at night.

Look and Feel:

Motion LED Skate Board-

1. There are many places to hide small electronics within the skate board trucks and under the grip tape of the board. I may have to create indentations in the board itself to protect them. I’ve also thought about install LED’s in the Skate board wheels them selves. The LED’s will be triggered to light up when the board flips or is tilted.

I think I’ll hide a simple on and off switch within the trucks or the risers as well.

2. A long board, which is used for rolling along may not obtain the same effect with the use of the accelerometer and led’s. The user only leans from side to side with this model.

3. Snowboards. Probably will only be visible when sky diving.

4. Surfing. If the pieces could be repositioned and waterproofed, I believe the accelerometer and LED’s could be used for stylistic and learning purposes. And possible interesting effects at dusk or night.

5. The electronics would almost be hidden. Installation would need to occur during the building of the skate board. Snowboards and Surfboards would need a different installation process.