Interactive Architecture Thesis Draft

My project is focus in a spatial design, data processing and automated reasoning.

This space could be used for different purposes but mainly after working on the design I think it can be used primarily  as an art pavilion. The facade of this pavilion will move and will process data that can be deducted by the inhabitants of the space. Also the lightning design of the project will represent data of the place.


I came with a name for my project: STATUS CORIUM which are 2 latin words that mean:
STATUS: A state, condition or situation
CORIUM: Skin layer
I think the name its a great aproach to what my project means.

1) My project is a scale model of a spatial design, which processes data and adapts to its environment by transforming its shape.

I believe buildings in a near future will move and adapt to the environment in which they are located at and this will improve the experience of the inhabitants of it.

2) The materials that I’m using now changed a couple of times to be able to represent what I have in mind.

The mechanism and they way I’m making things move changed a lot.

The motors that I’m using changed, from servo motors to DC motors.

3) Ive seen similar prior art like the woodman projects, and other parametric architectural design projects.

I believe my project it is a vision of what the future of architecture will be.