Ahmad Ragab

I studied Material Science Engineering at Cornell before working as Tech Support Engineer for a software company in California. I went back to school and got a bachelor’s in Philosophy & Mathematics from USF and pursued an MA in Religious Studies. Currently, I am finishing my MA in Liberal Studies from The New School for Social Research. 
The theoretical framework of my interests are based on the work of Bruno Latour, a theorist and a principle developer of Actor-Network Theory. Latour talks about the social-technical assemblages that conditions existence, and through this concept suggests in part that humans and technology are co-actors and co-actants in the development of reality. 
Practically, I am very much excited by Data Visualization and Information Graphics, and I want to continue to develop the theories of Latour and others through work in Data Viz. I think while the field has grown exponentially in the past few years, and while there exists literally petabytes of data that could be explored and visualized productively, one challenge that we face in attempting to understand our existence through data visualization is capturing the “thickness” of everyday living and moving for people across the planet. Right now the process of collecting data, especially data of our human experiences is often manual and intentional, i.e. through journalling or other logging processes we must make a conscious note to measure and record each data point. Certain advancements have been made in automated location tracking, but it seems that much more could be discovered through the advancement and development of biofeedback, visual, textual and aural tracking and data logging tools. My hope is that through my work in Physical Computing I can explore how we might be able to liberate the data of the everyday.