Baby’s First Maker Faire

There were a lot of awesome projects at Maker Faire 2012 but these stood out to me as particularly creative:

Graphing calculator hacks by Cemetech

I had never thought of hacking a calculator, but I suppose it’s possible.  This group did some really cool things with good ol’ Texas Instruments. One TI-83 connected to a disk drive and made its components move automatically to create “music.” Another project actually used multiple calculators–their displays were connected, so graphics could flow from one device to another seamlessly.


Musiquarium by Grommet Laboratories

I love this project because it was one of the few at Maker Faire that used live animals. Goldfish swim over sensors within their tank to trigger different sounds. Neato!


Molecule Synth by Travis Feldman

This project is a set of different hardware modules that connect together to create custom sounds. The sounds are generated by digital sensors, analog sensors, and can even be made via smartphone. I thought the enclosures looked nice as well–the geometric shapes with colored plexiglass looked sleek and modern, but you could still see the hardware underneath. Great design solution!