Intro + Favorite Toy + Maker Faire

About Me

I’m an Architect from Venezuela, I did my undergrad there and I graduated two years ago. During those two years I did a lot of freelancing in architecture and graphic design. I also did a certificate program in 3D Animation using Maya. What I realized though, is that I wanted more out of all this, and recently I became interested in interactive design, during bootcamp I did an Arduino Dorkshop, and we did a very simple light circuit, that was a blinking LED, and I really enjoyed it. I want to do more. I hope that this class becomes the starting point of a new phase for me.

Favorite Toy

My favorite toy was a talking Baby Sinclair from the “Dinosaurs” TV Series, it had a string and every time it was pulled it said different phrases.


(Click image to watch the video)

Maker Faire

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was a lot of fun.
Some of the 3 projects I like were:

1) Severed Hand Bop-It
by Sarah Schoemann and Jason Schapiro



It was a toy based on the Simon game, I thought it was a really funny way to make the game. What I liked was that it used soft circuits, sounds and LEDs, and it was a little gross, but a fun kind of gross.

2) SpinBots! Arbot workshop for kids
by Christopher Myers


Kids in this stand would make their own little robot, with small motors and switches, and they used markers for legs in order to draw and create art with them. I liked it cause it was simple, but made the kids participate into actually building their own toy/tool. There were a couple other similar marker robots (vibrated instead).

3)USB Typewriter
by Jack Zylkin


This was an old typewriter connected to a computer like a keyboard. It was fun to use, to type down hard in order for the letters to appear on the screen. USB Typewriter video