Maker Faire

Maker Faire was very fun. Much better than what I expected!
here are three projects I found interesting:


Metrocard Man & Robot.
by Gregory Rodolico

I thought everyone hates MTA but I might be wrong…  the man decorated his robot and himself with metrocards… I’m actually happy to see someone use the simplest thing that everyone has or recognizes to get people’s attention.

Drivable Hammock
By Sean Ragan

The guy looks really comfortable everywhere at Maker Faire. Not sure it’s because of the hammock that makes him feel like home or just his easy attitude…


3D printer
by UltiMachine

This was my first time seeing 3D printer and the process of printing. I was really excited. This 3d printer has parts that were 3D printed, which means the machine can replicate itself. This reminds me of the recent article I read from Bill Joy, he said the future machines have the ability to self replicate.