Maker faire

Maker faire was fun!
So after walking around, talking to people and everything, so was thinking which ones where my favorite projects. I think I will add an extra one to the three we have to post, because I spend some time at DT booth and i really liked Aisen project Play-a-grill!
The others were:

  • the giant Pong created by Hack Manhattan

it was Pong scaled in giant sized and controlled by brainwaves, I didn’t try to brain control it but loved the idea, and how they managed to build the giant board. Also i found fascinating how such a big thing was controlled by a small arduino.

  • Solar simphony by Chris Kazcmarek

A poetic project that was aiming to let people see the presence of energy in the space, and hear the light
There were little machine powered by the sun that produced sounds like a bird chirping or egg shells softly hitting each other

  • The dude going around in a hammock with wheels!! that was awesome!