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    00/00 Short Bio 

    What is your academic and professional background?
    I got an undergrad degree in architecture, but pursued a career in advertising as an art director.

    What motivated you to take this class?
    During the time I worked in advertising, I found digital advertising to be the field I’m mostly interested in. It deals with pretty much everything being taught in DT–web, physical computing and code. Many advertising campaigns of this kind use robots and arduino-powered mechanisms as the center of their contents. Smartphones also play a major role. I wish to learn the technical aspects of these tools and become accustomed to them in order to create better works when I return to the ad industry.

    What is your favorite childhood toy?

    What is your favorite thing to play with these days?
    Everything around me.

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    Adiel Fernandez – Bio 

    I graduated undergrad in 2007 after studying physics and education. Before applying to DT, I worked at the New York Hall of Science where I taught students and teachers, developed curriculum and eventually designed exhibits. A few years ago I attended Maker Faire for the first time and learned about the whole DIY scene and started learning physical computing with arduino. I have a bit of experience working with arduino at this point and enjoy using it whenever I can. If you have any questions or need help, I am always happy to help out so feel free to pull me aside!

    Physical computing is my main focus here at DT so I wanted to take this class to expand the different applications that are out there for p-comp type projects. Though I’m not terribly interested in making apps in iOS, I am looking forward to doing things via wifi/bluetooth. I look forward to making things of my own but also seeing the creative things everyone else does.

    I dont know if I had a favorite toy as a kid, but I remember I used to play with hot wheels cars quite a bit, as well building things with legos. My favorite toy now, however is my 3D printer. Its a really cheap, low-end printer by Printrbot so it doesn’t print very well and I have been spending the last few months trying to get it to print decently and it has actually been kind of fun.



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    About Me 

    About Me

    I’m an Architect from Venezuela, I did my undergrad there and I graduated almost three years ago. During those years I did a lot of freelancing in architecture and graphic design. I also did a certificate program in 3D Animation using Maya. What I realized though, is that I wanted more out of all this, and recently I became interested in interactive design. I took physical computing last semester and I really liked it. I want to do more!

    Favorite Toy

    My favorite toy was a talking Baby Sinclair from the “Dinosaurs” TV Series, it had a string and every time it was pulled it said different phrases.

    I currently don’t really play with toys. I just keep them. I need to play more!

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    Penguin Paper Automata 

    Paper penguin automata: controlling Servo motor speed with an Ultrasonic Range finder. Whenever one is less further than 1′ the penguin stops moving. When someone gets closer it starts to flap it’s arms and move up and down.

    Here is my video: https://vimeo.com/60803711


    photo     photo2

    photo3 photo4

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    Grumpus the Goat 

    Grumpus don’t agree with nobody

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    Dog Paper Automata 

    Dog paper automata with Servo Motor (Continuous)

    Here is my video: https://vimeo.com/60786063

    photo2                          photo


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    Paper Toys 

    My first paper toy was a set of chickens, but unfortunately before I was able to get home to document them they were trampled and took a beating. I restored them for the image below, and took a video prior to completing the the setup, as a test run, which can be seen after the image. 






    For the next toy I was thinking about how I can use the ultrasonic range finder and have it make sense, so I came up with the idea of a baby bird being fed by its mother. It gets excited whenever its mother is near with a worm so it jumps up and down and I made a slight modification so it opens and closes its mouth to eat the worm, the closer you are the more excited the bird gets. When you are out of range the bird saves its energy and waits patiently. Image 


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    1 Make a Bio Post Answer What is… 


    1) Make a Bio Post. Answer: What is your academic and professional background? What motivated you to take this class (did you want to learn something in specific, or in general…)?   What your favorite childhood toy?  What is your favorite thing to play with these days?

    2)  In a new post, post 2 web-friendly photos of your first Paper Craft project. [The one about controlling your servo with via computer.

    3)  Post 2 web-friendly photos of you current paper craft project. [The one about controlling servo with ultrasonic rangerfinder]


    Read: Paper Models that Move, Chapter 1. Skim chapter 2.

    Make one Paper Automata, Pick one from projects 9-14.

    Control it will an Arduino Mini, Servo, Ultrasonic Rangefinder, and Battery Power.

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    Cat Paper Automata + Continuous Servo 

    These are the photos of my cat toy attached to a continuous servo.

    SLee - Paper toy and Continuous Servo SLee - Paper toy and Continuous Servo - Detail

    Below is my code for the continuous servo.

    SLee - Continuous servo code

    Last but not least, the video is here!

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    Homework_First Paper Toy 


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