What is your academic and professional background?
Journalism. I’m good at making music video 😀

What motivated you to take this class?
Physical computing has been my major crush since I came to DT. I took Soft Circuits last semester. This semester I’m taking Physical Computing 1, Wireless Toys and Sensemakers, all to satisfy my physical computing cravings. I was really excited when I knew we were going to do mechanical toys. I’ve been trying to make kinetic sculptures with my limited physical computing skill since the beginning of last semester, mainly around trying to alter a praxinoscope and making huge paper gears to navigate printed out photographs. I used to have a problem about controlling a motor properly. This course has helped me quite a lot. And all the sensors seem fun to me. About the bluetoothed iPhone thing I still couldn’t imagine what it feels like. I’m looking forward to explore. To me what’s fascinating about physical computing is the lifelike mojo it creates, just like GIF!!

What is your favorite childhood toy?
A stuffed bear with a button on its belly. He says “I love you” when the button is pressed.

What is your favorite thing to play with these days?
A pulse sensor. A praxinoscope. Self-made artsy stuff like this. Reddit.