1. What is your academic and professional background?
I have a BFA in graphic and interactive design. After graduating, I have worked as a designer/art director in several companies in several cities.

2. What motivated you to take this class?
My first physical computing experience was in CCLab class last semester. The p-comp experience gave me new perspective in art. I love it, and I want to continue learning it. Last semester, I made a pillow with p-comp for my first major studio final project. It was hard for me because I never had a intro p-comp class, so I decided to take this class to expand my knowledge. Also, my parents own kindergarten schools since when I was born, toys were always surround me, and I love them.

3. What is your favorite childhood toy?
I love cute and cozy stuffed animals. When I was in 3rd grade, my uncle brought a gorilla toy that moves by hand clapping sounds. That was my first interactive toy I had play with. I thought that gorilla toy was the coolest toy on earth.

4. What is your favorite thing to play with these days?
My favorite toy in these day is my macbook with internet. However, I am very interested in physical objects that interactives by human’s emotions.