About me | Jennifer Matsumoto

Originally born and raised in Maui, Hawaii, I most recently lived in San Diego, California before moving to New York for D+T. I graduated in 2011 with a BA in Visual Arts with an emphasis in Visual Communications from University of San Diego. I wanted to pursue a masters after graduation at an art school. I never thought I would be comfortable moving to the east coast, but it’s been a very eye-opening experience for me.

Although I mainly focused in graphic design, in college I also enjoyed studying printmaking and photography. I love interesting patterns, colors, and working with my hands. Since I came to D+T right after college, I never had a “real job” yet, just my freelancing as a graphic designer. Coming to D+T, I had no coding experience under my belt so everything I know, I learned here.

I’m interested in this class because I saw an opportunity to bring together my love for making physical objects with electronics. I liked the idea of seeing how the digital and the physical can meet in real space and work together to create something beautiful.  I enjoy working with the paper crafts. I also took this class because I am a very novice coder an I wanted to challenge myself in my last semester to do something that I am not so comfortable with.

As a child I loved playing with Barbies and Legos. I didn’t have a lot of “stuff” for my Barbies, so I was always trying to make miniature things for them.  I also enjoyed Legos because for me, it was like a giant puzzle I needed to figure out. I also liked that I was able to build things on my own. These days, I always find myself playing games on my phone, but I’d rather be playing games with people in person. I consider my “play” these days making things, like jewelry. I still enjoy putting things together, but now instead of legos, it’s always things like furniture or products.   Although, when I go home, I catch myself in the toy corner with the little ones!