1) I came from Thailand and I have undergraduate degreed in architecture.

2) During my thesis year, I was focusing on interaction between physical architectural space and simulation in virtual world. I have done a lot of experiment of kinetic model by using circuit board called “phidget”. However a lot of these experimental projects were missing.


3) I do not quite sure which one is my favorite because I have a lot of toys during my childhood and I think each of the toys has its own favorite moment.

When I was young, I loved to modified or re-built my toys. I had a series of action figures (especially spider-man). After a while of playing with it, I started added parts to them. I believed that I caught this habit by obsessively playing LEGO.

One of the early digital toys, I like is a DIGIMON. It is a 3*2 inch device with a monotone display and three buttons. The goal is simple, you have to taking care of your newly hatch monster. The monster will keep evolving accounting to how you talking care of him. The highlight is that you can command your monster to battle with your friend’s monster.


4) Mobile suit Gundam, I like how its came in modular pieces and you can reassemble it very easily and every parts connect together perfectly and remain flexible in all the joints.