Embeded Arduino Paper Automata – Free Writing

Athlete – example 14

The major difficulty for this particular project was the enclosing the Arduino Micro in the model. The one I chose had a fair amount of space, even to fit an Arduino Uno, but I still had problems trying to figure out how to fit the wires inside, and ended up just using jumper wires that were too long and I just tucked everything inside. For future projects I’m going to think before building how I can actually embed the circuit in the model instead of just tying to make it fit. The tweaks I had to do to make the paper model work with the servo were minor, but still required to do some thinking on how the model worked.

The easiest part was the actual construction of the paper model. I’ve become more comfortable with it, and using the right tools I can build it with better precision.

After realizing how simple was the paper automata that I picked, I started to think about the possibilities of a adding more elements, like gears and shafts in order to make other things move. I liked the idea that by making firm joints and leaving others loose you can actually achieve a great deal of movement, and by changing the direction of the servo, and even with the jumpiness from the ultrasonic range sensor reads, helped make the athlete have a more alive behavior.