Midterm Sketch-up!


The following post will compile six sketch of possible projects to work on in our Wireless Toys class. From our instruction Yury’s guidelines: based on the environment, the automata should illicit an emotional response from a user/spectator. This should be an explicit emotion such as: joy,curiosity, compassion, wonderment, hate, love, inspiration.

 1. Crystal Caven 
My first concept is inspired by Studio Ghibli, where Sophie moves into the depth of Plato’s Cave. There are glistering treasures and objects on the walls of the cave. As the camera moves along with the character, the objects shines and reflects lights to create such a magical spectrum. This sketch is meant to present a sense of wonderment. Through the creation of original object and design based on crystals, perhaps the color of the lights could be inflicted by the user, to give them a sense of wonder.



My Sketch:  Crystal Lights Fixture – Colors changes based on interaction


 2. Dearly Deer 

Much like the first idea, this is a deer character that would glister in lights when you approach it. I imagine this to be built out of plexiglass to have a transparent effect. It would also be inspired to be a potential light or furniture piece for my living room.


 3. Jellyfish/Jellycats

I designed these characters during Bootcamp as a processing game. The objective of this game is to catch Jellycats with a red net. I imagine these to be mobile characters that could move around, but if you get too close, they get scared (they are quite shy), so they would move a feet away. There could be more then one at the same time. Imagine this being a cat toy!



4. Flying Pig

I imagine this design to be hung up on a hanging mobile that have a fixed track in order to create movement.



5. Drawing Robot

This is a drawing tool robot that would draw or scribble. The robot have wheels so it may move around the table.


6. Luring Turtles/ or an Animal

Using a carrot, or a lure, with a magnetic pull, once the animal detects this sensor, it would move faster. The food is a lure to motivate their movement to work faster!