6 Concepts for midterm





Emotion: Hopelessness

Automata: man lost at see on a boat that moves with the waves. A rangefinder causes the waves to move more as users move away, increasing feeling of desparation.



Emotion: Curiosity

Automata: A mystery box that shakes and moves when touched (using capacitive sensing). Box could possibly be made of stretchy fabric that has objects poking and pushing through it.



Emotion: Awe

Automata: A caveman celebrating fire. When a torch is brought next to the sticks (i.e. a magnet is brought next to the sensor), the fire “ignites”



Emotion: Surprise

Automata: When the user goes to feed a rabbit with a bundle of grass (with RFID sensor in it), a giant alligator snaps shut and eats the rabbit.



Emotion: Jealousy

Automata: Two girls fight over a guy in the middle, pulling him from side to side. Pulling happens according to frequency of pulse from heart rate sensor.



Emotion: Fear

Automata: Creature pulls man deeper into a dark cave when the lights are turned on. Uses a light sensitive resistor.