Bio Tingshan Gou

Hello, round pegs&square holes,

It’s really nice to meet you, probably again. It’s embarrassing to mention my computer science background, because my coding skill just sucks as my design skill does. Somebody may ask: then why did you add one more unfamiliar area to burden yourself? I’d say: That’s why I’m here! I believe working on three nightmare areas at the same time will lead to an unexpected result! Hopefully it is a good one… There is another reason: Carla and Ricardo, my instructors during Bootcamp, said Yury is awesome!!! with their eyes shining stars.

So here I am.

Since I can’t upload the image, here is the link with my childhood toy included:

I loved it! Lots of it! I loved to rearrange them and made them fight with each other by tearing them apart. See? I had a gift to be a tinker since I was born!