World Maker Faire – 3 Projects 


Our own Adiel Fernandez‘s Physical to Digital Color Mixer was one of my favorite things at the show.  By mixing water from 3 different pitchers representing red, green and blue, one can create a new color to carry over into the digital realm.  I love that Adiel is thinking “outside the box” and doing something as taboo as combining water and electronics.  Check out the video.


The Rendersphere is a project by the Hoboken Makerbar using rotating LED lights and persistence of vision to create an illusion of movement or dimensionality.  While this is nothing new, I thought the execution was good I love illusions (especially involving light).



This third project, Sensacell Music Sequencer by Matthew Schlanger, displays light patterns and music that changes with touch.  I enjoyed the hazy, out of focus look of the light and the combination of touch, light and sound.  Unforunately, the sound wasn’t very loud when I was there, but it was still fun to see.   More Info


-Alec McClure