One of my favorite projects was a pottery maker iPad app by Sculpteo, where the user can create unique pots simulated by a spinning pottery machine. The design is then sent to the 3d printer and printed and painted by the machine. While I thought there were too many affordable 3d printers that make decorative objects on display, I like how this project focused on one particular craft and made the application fun and easy to use. The pots also came out surprisingly realistic – you could barely tell they were printed.

Another project we tried was a tracking device called Run-n-Read by Wear Trons to help people read while on the move. The device is clipped as close to the head as possible and tracks the movement of an iphone or ipad while you run or read on a train. I tried the device while on a giant bouncy ball and it does stabilize the text, making it easier to read.

I also had fun watching the Power Racing because the announcers and fans got really into it. It was impressive that all of the cars were created under $500. My favorite one was The Dragon by Ithaca Generator. It wasn’t very fast, but it hands down had the most memorable design.

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