Maker Faire Report – 3 Interesting Arduino Projects 

No.1  WetPong Bioarcade

By GenspaceNYC

WetPong is a video game that you play using a joystick to control live, swimming, single-celled organisms. Makers put a microscope on an iPhone camera so you can see the bacterium and build up the game interface. Arduino system is used to control magnetic field.

It is so interesting that they find these magnetotactic bacterium that always follow magnetic field, so you can simply control the movement of real lives. What is more creative is that they made a game that you can play through this device with bacterium.


No.2  Dual Wireless Data

By Kevin Marinelli

This project is a pair of compact wireless data gloves that allow a person to interact with a computer using both hands. So you can drag the strings on the screen by picking and moving, just like you are touching the real object.

Its finger movement capture is highly accurate. I can simply picking a color string on the screen. The transition from 3D human movement into 2D screen is very interesting. I think this project has tremendous potential.


N0.3  FlowX26

By Lendy Dunaway, Davis Dunaway,Sami McGinnis, Mathew Tung, Andrew Ke

FlowX26 is a life-size version of the mobile app Flow Free. Instead of connecting circles using your finger,people will be walking on tiled that will be light up.The game board is an interactive platform that reacts to steps.

I did not notice this idea came from a mobile game at first. The concept is quite simple and straightforward. But the scale of the project make it very successful. There were always many kids playing on it. I always appreciate works that involves people and generate happy interactions.