1) What did I find difficult?

  • The coding. My project didnt end up quite working the way it should…:(
  • Wiring the components inside in a small box. If I could redo it, I would make the enclosure larger or buy shorter wires.

2) What did I find easy about building the project

  • Coming up with creative enclosures (making them is a different story). It was easy and fun to go over the top, but in the end, with only about 1 week to work on the enclosures, trying to be too ambitious was difficult.
  • Building the box was easy and using the laser cutter for the first time was fun. I want to use the laser cutter more to make more intricate designs and use different materials other than wood.

3) What surprises did you find while building the project?

  • The different ways that you can code it. I generally followed the same guidelines from the examples from the last two weeks, but I found that other people did it completely differently.
  • The different equipment you can use to make a basic simon game.