SimonSays Free Writing 

What did you find difficult about building you project?
Never touched coding before coming to DT, I definitely find the logics of this projects challenging—Simon says and then user react then Simon says again and go on.

And that’s not all. Because just when I though I’d completed the coding and everything works perfectly, and tried to get the game enclosed, I got so frustrated by the new button pad I bought, which I did included in my proposal. I simply want to apply my idea of combing LEDs and button together, but the circuitry is too complex for me to comprehend. Nothing gets more depressing than a formerly perfectly working game failed after transplanting onto the new PCB.

But thanks to Max and some online tutorials, finally everything back to functioning well.

What did you find easy about your project?
Laser cutting turned out easier than I thought, since it was my first using the machine. And I’d definitely love to keep cutting!

What surprise found you while building your project?
I think underestimating the difficulty of using the fancy button pad ended up surprised me really hard. I didn’t have enough time to figure the circuitry out and put everything together before the show day.