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  • Chris Piuggi 8:51 am on May 17, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Easy Edibles 

    “Urban farming… is a composition of many different activities like gardening, staple food production, gathering, hunting, and even urban forestry often combined with food production.”3 Pushing towards an urban agriculture system will allow for delivery of a better quality of produce and leave a smaller impact on the environment due to less shipping. This would in turn create better access to fresher produce at cheaper prices. The problem is that with our current infrastructure its very difficult for people to get involved into urban agriculture. Community farms are limited and small, and roof-top gardening is not accessible to the majority of an urban population. So how then can individual households contribute to the growing need for urban agriculture?  By growing in their living spaces. This is unappealing to many urbanities, because of two main reasons, first indoor cultivation is too complex (in regards to knowledge and time required), secondly the majority of urbanities lack an adequate space in which to grow vegetables. In order to facilitate a grass roots culture of urban farmers to begin to take the strain off of the current agriculture model, an easy to use system which takes up limited space must be provided.

    Easy Edibles is an effortless home hydroponic system which maximized limited space for indoor gardening; it simplifies home hydroponics by feeding and cleaning itself while growing organic vegetables, with limited maintenance. 

    Download the paper

    View Process Posts

    View the date DataVisualization

  • Chris Piuggi 10:17 pm on April 25, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Filter Update 

    Download my presentation

    • Chris Piuggi 10:19 pm on April 25, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      This week there is not a whole lot of new stuff, the laser cutter was having problems building cutting out my new filter prototype. Additionally I spent about 20 hours attempting to get a wifi shield up and running to track data of my system for me to use. Unfortunately the solution has not been working, and I am now switching to an ethernet shield to run this sensor network. More information to come soon. Oh but the plants are growing, growing like crazy… so awesome.

    • avtobazar 9:46 am on May 9, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Nice topic – respect !

  • Chris Piuggi 11:10 pm on April 18, 2011 Permalink | Reply  


    So much going on here  – plants are growing, fish are going…
    Can’t wait to update you all on Thursday.

    Below is my schedule for the rest of the semester :

    4/18 Implement Filter prototype 1 /Testing / Sensor Prototypes

    4/21 Begin Building prototype 2/ Begin Sensor Network

    4/25 Implement Filter prototype 2/ All Data to Network

    4/28 Paper Writing/ Eating/ Testing

    5/2 Paper Writing/ Eating/ Testing

    5/5 Paper Writing/ Eating/ Testing

    5/9 Presentation

  • Chris Piuggi 10:07 pm on April 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply  


    Here is an update of what i’ve been doing.

    Planting Seeds


    Setting up Space


    Setting up Water Flow

    Above the system is pumping water, I even did a height test, and was able to pump water to the top of the skylight featured above.



  • Chris Piuggi 9:29 pm on April 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Back to Aquaponics 

    After spending the weekend researching and collecting supplies I have diagramed my proposed system for aquaponics.

    I will be tracking ph, light, temp, and humidity of the plants. I decided to leverage some of the findings from the window Farms project, while integrating a natural source of nutrients. My hope is to track and visualize data on the web in addition to attempting to create a system which will regulate itself.

    Here is an image of the proposed system, and the location of that system in my house:


    • Chris Piuggi 10:23 pm on April 4, 2011 Permalink | Reply


      How will the light sensor and temp sensor work for the system?

      • Leif knows of a moisture sensor which could counteract the need for these two sensors.

      What will be done about the oxygen levels for fish at night?

      Is this a system or a product?

      Create a document or timeline for how and when each part of this project will be completed in a way to realize the tasks that need to be completed as well as understanding the ‘unknown’?

      What is the scale of the object? Is is something I can carry around?

    • Oylum 4:00 pm on April 5, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      This is not the same as your system but can be an example of prior art:


  • Chris Piuggi 10:20 pm on March 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Prototyping Triangle 

  • Chris Piuggi 9:54 pm on March 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Interest Mapping 

  • Chris Piuggi 9:49 pm on March 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Final Project Prototypes 

    Home Controls



    Look & Feel:









    OpenCV Puzzle Game

    Look & Feel/Role:




    • Chris Piuggi 9:51 pm on March 31, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Question: What was the easiest thing about these prototypes? What was the most difficult thing about these prototypes?

      The most difficult aspect of these prototypes was figuring out which aspect of the projects I wanted to focus on in this short time frame. I was fully aware that I was unable to create rich or in depth prototypes for this assignment so it was difficult to analyze and execute rough beginning concepts for these concepts. Because I am unsure about the direction I will approach I looked at three different projects in order to access what would be the most viable route for me to peruse and execute; helping me to understand a better direction of which project I hope to ultimately create.

      The easiest aspect of this project was actually executing the prototypes once I knew what I wanted to create it was easy to get my thoughts out on paper and execute it.

  • Chris Piuggi 9:36 pm on March 24, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Six Ideas and Diagram 


    1. Open CV Shape Puzzle

    Similar to american and Japanese game shows players are challenged to fit into shapes, openCV and a projector would be used to take the game anywhere.


    2. Concert Room Visualizer

    Using environment and sound sensors a wall of LED would visualize that the concert hall was experiencing within its walls.


    3. Room Synthesizer

    Use openCV to create sound synthesizer out of people walking within the room.


    4. Smart Home Recommendation System

    Track data inside and outside house to make recommendation and train users on best home practices.


    5. Aquaponics

    Track and create a system for hydroponics and fish farming, tracking water nutrient data in order to facilitate growth of fish and plants.


    6. Emotional Computer

    Computer that responds to your activity with it. You must keep it happy to continue to use it. If it is unhappy you must make it happy before using it.

  • Chris Piuggi 10:48 am on March 22, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Visualizing Light and Temp 


    A quick look at my simple visualization of the data. I ran into some XML issues with openframeworks reading strings. I will post about this as iron out the kinks; just needs a little more time to figure out why this bug is happening. In order to give users the date and time of the readings.

    Each pixel represents 30 seconds of data. Everything is still running at http://piuggi.com/sensorData/storage.txt/.



    Or download my openframeworks project if you have questions – post a comment!

  • Chris Piuggi 11:22 pm on March 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Ethernet to Server 

    Writing temperature and light values to a storage file.


    Php Script

    put this script on your server which supports php.

     $light = $_GET['sendLight'];	$temp = $_GET['sendTemp'];
     $test_string = sprintf("We work work work work work work work, the whole day through...");
     //print the date
     $day = date('m/d');
     //print the time
     $time = date('H:i:s');
     //format them into an xml style
     $data = sprintf("\n<entry> \n <day>%s</day> \n <time> %s </time> \n <light> %s </light> \n <temp> %s </temp> \n</entry>\n",$day, $time , $light, $temp);
     //tell the server which file to open
     $filename = "storage.txt";
     //command it to open in order to append
     $file = fopen($filename,"a");
    //write our data string...
     fwrite($file, $data);
     //and we out.
     fclose($file);	?>
    <p> <?php echo $test_string ?> </p>

    Arduino Side of things
    Download here >

    • scottpeterman 1:40 am on March 11, 2011 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks!!!! Super helpful, the mac seems to be pretty weird with direct fwrite/fread to the arduino over serial (plus a lot of user error as well I’m sure), I kinda want to just pick one of these up…

  • Chris Piuggi 11:24 pm on February 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Salty Sandwich 

    Salty Sandwich is an old mate, whose lived in the refrigerator for too long. He’s become old and crappy, and doesn’t really want you to visit, however he does want you to return the items you take.  Upon entering the fridge users and greeted with a dissatisfactory hello, if there return is short, salty sandwich, is happy you are returning something, if it has been a long time, he does not want to see you.


    Below are some snapshots of process.

  • Chris Piuggi 11:09 pm on February 20, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Toy Fair 

    Overal quite an experience, crazy place and so much to see.

    Really loved the fish, I mean it was just amazing seeing how realistic it was in the air. Brilliant.








    Another great, which I’m sure drove Yury nuts was the AR drones, my inner child was all about these things and I could see myself with one of these. Great implementation of the camera and ipad/ipod/iphone. Really interesting.






    Finally i really loved this crazy kit from some random japanese company. It contains a hydro and solar cells, which you can use to power small dc motors. I would love some of these sets.







    There was lots of other really great stuff there, but most people wouldn’t let me take any photos. Oh well, still quite enjoyable.




  • Chris Piuggi 8:22 pm on February 10, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Blue Sky Concepts | Creatures that live with you 

    In approaching this challenge I began not by thinking about the creature but about the problem, my thought was that any of these ideas below could be persued and could be incorporated into a creature, be it a bird, bat, monster, or invented type of creature. I found it easier to approach the problem solving first in order to not lose sight of the need in someones life rather than the narrative of the creatures.


    Vaccum Pet

    Vacuum Pet would be a creature who enjoys the light and dark equally. Most of all he loves consistency. Vacuum Pet would charge up in the light, while the vacuum is in use, and then rest in your closet for a week. As you build a schedule vacuum bug would sync into it, and begin to grow unhappy if your vacuuming cycles became less frequent.


    These next two concepts don’t quite have the creature in them yet but
    I feel it could be developed with any creature in mind.


    Kitchen Friend


    Sunshine Helpers

    Sunshine helpers would be a troop of magically inclined creatures who love the sun, and want to share their love of sunshine with you. Sunshine helpers would attach to your blinds and take readings of the amount of sunlight coming into your window. In the morning your blinds will open up bright, and in the evening/dusk they will close, allowing the maximum sunlight to enter you home each day.

  • Chris Piuggi 11:21 pm on February 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    In class writing on illusion of life 

    1. Explain (in a nut shell) your code structure, logic, important parts.

    The lightbird works off of a complex series of conditional statements, based on the ambient light in the space it ‘lives in’. The reason for this is that the bird has seven varying emotional states – which allow it to express happy, unhappy, feeding, full, hunger, depression, and death. If the bird is in ideal light, the bird is happy, if it is too dark the bird is unhappy, and if the light is very bright, the bird will feed. This is where the complexity comes in, if the bird is unhappy for too long it will become hungry, and need food to eat. Conversely if you feed the bird too much, it will become full. If the bird remains full or hungry for too long, the bird becomes depressed. Once depressed, the bird has the chance to die, if you do not correct your mistakes.

    All the code is written using Object oriented code, all the melodies are stored in multi-dimensional arrays, and are accessed through a class of emotions.

    2. What did you do that you feel is new, non-obvious and useful.

    In this assignment Alvaro and I attempted to create a consistent voice, in order to grow the character. In doing this we were able to personify this object to have a variety of feelings and needs, which a user must attend to. This in turn could provide a user with a friend which could be cared for over long periods of time, to teach lessons about how to care and treat real animals. In the emotions we picked, we attempted to create a non-linear approach to how the ‘bird’ experiences the world around it personifying not only the sounds, but the actual emotions that it experiences. By creating levels within the emotions we were able to create a complex being with a variety of needs, similar to a real creature or pet.

    Read more about the project here »

  • Chris Piuggi 11:01 pm on February 7, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Light Bird 

    For this assignment we created a little bird who loves and feeds off of the light.

    The Bird has seven different emotions below is a chart of the emotions and how they work together.

    When the Bird is in ideal light he is happy, when he is in bright light he is feeding, and in dull light, he is unhappy. If you feed the bird too much light, he will become full, and if he says full for too long he will become depressed. Additionally, if the bird remains in dark light the bird gets hungry, and if it says hungry, the bird will become depressed. If depressed it is in danger of dying.

    Here are some shots of putting together our bird:

    download the code here »

  • Chris Piuggi 5:59 pm on February 3, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Anthropomorphic Sounds 

    After much tinkering I was able to put together some intriguing sounds. I also was able to load all content into two Multidimensional Arrays, which helped with organization. If anyone is looking into how to do that, please see my code.

    Overall I felt that this assignment was more challenging that I had initially thought. Music and sound is a whole new way of thinking for me, and there were moments that I felt out of my confort zone, however with enough tinkering and changing I began to see what types of combinations would create responses.

    I attempted to give a voice, to these sounds, as if they were coming for the same person/object, and attempted to mimic the syllables and sounds in the words/ phrases I tried to create.

    Phrases  Created:   I’m on/ready, Yes, No, I’m Learning, I’m trying to warn you, I’m Confused.

    View my code here

  • Chris Piuggi 12:38 am on February 1, 2011 Permalink | Reply  

    Salutations from Chris Piuggi 

    My background is primarily visual; Back in school after a few year stint creating interactive advertisements. I’m a tinkerer and love making, creating and fabricating my ideas.

    I am interested in off screen interactions and how we can change and shape the way people and technology live together. I throughly enjoy the prototyping process and hope to refine my concepts into tangible, concrete objects.

    One day I will finally build myself the website I always dreamed of, until then you can see some of my work here »

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