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    FEELING PRESENCE. Final Project documentation. 


    Personal messages can and should be communicated through an exponential with meaning. The way we perceive time, structure our time and react to time is a powerful communication tool and helps set the stage for communication. I wanted to make a wireless communication situation that would exist in a monochronic time. This means that things are done one at a time and time is segmented into precise, small units.

    In Feeling Presence, I wanted to promote positive thinking amongst little girls. It is a communication system for a young girl, age 4 to 8 and her mom. The users I had in mind is a child who just recently started pre-school and misses her mom and a young working mom.Feeling presence consists of a belt and purse for mom and a soft toy-like purse for the little girl. The buttons on the girl’s purse, proud, happy and kind send messages to mom’s belt. The light on the receiving end corresponds to the message sent. Blue for proud, yellow for kind and red for happy.

    Previous Art:

    Light On Project    http://alexandertwang.com/archives/390

    Kissnger   http://inspir3d.net/2012/02/03/kissnger-a-kiss-transfer-robot/
















    My Documentation Video:

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    Thinking further. Objects that communicate through disrupting. 

    Did any surprises come from this round of prototyping?

    • The domain exercise was a crucial component for me in the next stop of prototype making. Through mapping domains I came to conclusion that I am very interested in ideas of disruption and conceptualizing that disruption in an unpredictable way. Disruption is still communication. I now want some of my objects to disrupt its owner’s way of going about their business.

    The hardest thing.

    -Thinking of an usual yet provoking enclosure for the devices. Since i am moving slightly away from functionality and towards conceptual art, I am thinking of odd designs for objects that can disrupt one’s life that one can still carry with herself or utilize in some way in her/his surroundings.


    The easiest thing.

    -Brainstorming scenarios of the objects disrupting and communicating to its user. For example, if the device in user’s pocket receives a message, let’s say it will start screaming. The user can be on a crowded train or elevator. This disruptive object then blurs the boundaries of private and public. Becomes a public disruption.

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    DOMAINS for “feeling presence” – communication of little things 

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    IS ANYBODY ELSE HAVING A FRUSTRATING TIME WITH ARRANGING PHOTOS/GALLERIES/TEXT ON THIS BLOG??? sorry, very frustrated. Wasted 2 hrs going back and forth trying to fix the alignment of text and photos. I do not need to be spending useless time on this…Just someone tell me “IT’S ME” not the blog.

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    “Feeling Presence” PROTOTYPES 


    KISSINGER: transmitting a kiss over a distance.

    HERE AND THERE: Emotional communications tool for families that are separated by long distances.

    KUMA: A TEDDY BEAR PHONE: To use it, you need to pick the teddy bear up and put it’s snout near to your ear as if it is whispering to you.

    FOR SOMETHING STRAIGHT UP CREEPY: ROBOT GIRLFRIEND : for lonely men. HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE. I don’t care how lonely you are.

    Using her infrared sensors and battery power, the diminutive damsel named “EMA” puckers up for nearby human heads, entering what designers call its “love mode.”

    She’s very lovable and though she’s not a human, she can act like a real girlfriend.”















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    Old post. Light animation + sound 

    Arduino + 2 lonely chickens.

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    Lil about me 

    1. background:
    I have a BFA in Film Art from Syracuse University.Essentially, in the long years since, I freelanced as a one-woman-band. I filmed, edited, authorized, designed logos, etc. I even spent a loooong year of my life editing footage shot on the U.S Navy’s Aircraft Carrier ( a floating high school ). I shot a lot of stuff for NYC’s non for profit typa places. I also dabbled in some photography and graphic design.
    It all was well until i ran out of steam and passion for what i was currently working on. I wanted to make things once again, not document others making things.

    2. Why in class?
    I want to make stuff. Technology is pretty new to me. I figured, there’s no better way to learn about circuits and arduino stuff then to learn it while having fun. Right? I know this class will be fun!

    3. Fave toy:

    Oh and this little number from Russia. It was all the rage.

    (wordpress is not letting me upload any images at the present moment. I will re-visit in a few)

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    Tiny Love Sheep 

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