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  • Yury Gitman 3:23 pm on April 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Bruce – What unexpected things happened when you created your design files? 

    I decided to further the stress doll concept.

    1. Stress relievers are usually pressed or squeezed so I modified my design to include such capabilities. It is now a tactile interface as opposed to being sound responsive.
    2. From the feedback last week it was apparent that the doll appeared to be more of a 'voodoo' doll. So I drew inspiration from these sources and while thinking of the look and feel.
    3. I felt it would be interesting if the LED's in the eyes exploded when the doll is pushed to the limit. This seemed like an unreasonable objective since it'll be difficult to change LED's once they are blown and might cause damage to the doll.
    4. I felt it would be interesting if the arms and legs could be ripped off. I need to think more about this aspect. For now I think velcro and conductive fabric can make this possible.
    5. I modified the design so that the neck is longer, so that it is possible to strangle the doll by hand.

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    Unexpected things from design process 

    What unexpected things happened when you created your design files?

    In reviewing the concepts that I proposed a few days ago I felt
    somewhat intimidated by the timeline presented us for submitting a
    final product. Two weeks seems a bit daunting as a time limit. Further, I guess after reviewing the concepts I originally thought about, I didn't feel like they were objects I would be spectacularly interested in implementing as a part of my life. They seemed more like things that would serve primarily as good intellectual exercises rather than objects I envisioned as practical pieces for everyday living. This seems to be a recurring challenge in the brains of designers, whether it is necessary to confine one's designs to the useful rather than just the intellectually piquant.

    In developing the Constellation Skirt concept it was surprisingly challenging to imagine a way in which one might embed clunky, hard technology into a soft garment. Further, what about washing? It certainly wouldn't be feasible to just dump the whole kit and kaboodle into the washing machine and call it a day. So I realized that I would need to spend some time thinking about how such a garment could be something people could actually use and abuse. I also struggled a little bit in thinking how I might conceal the technology portions that are indispensable and not able be "softened" or minimized further to the scale required by subtly used technology.

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    Free Writing 

    :: What unexpected things happened when you created your design files? ::

    My design files were pretty well thought out last Tuesday, 14th. I knew I wanted to create a plush sea animal or creature that involved sound, buttons, movement, and a sensor. After presenting to the class, I decided to create the "Shy Turtle" who ducks into his shell when someone or something gets too close. Yury said it would be alright to focus on the technical side of my project by using a pre-made plush toy. I found a GUND stuffed turtle that I believe will work quite well for this project.

    One major design hurdle will be figuring out how to connect the head to the body so that it pulls back into its body. I think I'll need to create a hard plastic neck and entrance to the body but overall, I think it will be doable. I enjoy sewing and craft making but I would really like to focus on the technical aspects of this project as they are still somewhat new and difficult for me.

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    What unexpected things happend when you created your design files? 

    When I started to sketch my ideas I realized that I will have to find ways to simplify the concept and the toy. More simple it will be- more effectively it will work. Then I started to look for the hardware solutions for it, this is actually what helped me to redefine my project.

  • Yury Gitman 3:22 pm on April 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    i’ve only opened adobe illustrator precisely 14 times, ever 

    What unexpected things happened when you created your design files?

    I have almost 0 visual design experience.  Literally, I have used
    photoshop and illustrator a combined total of about 15 times.  My eye
    for design is really embarrassing, and it's something that i have been
    trying to improve on since attending parsons. so this was not unexpected at all, but what WAS unexpected in this process was the final design of SOBEaR. S (which will probably end up changing again, anyway). Specifically, i knew that i wanted to have indicator lights showing the users current alcohol consumption status, but i didn't know where. while creating the 'blueprint' it dawned on me that visually it looked neat directly in the center of the bear.

    when beginning the file, i had no idea what i wanted the bear to look like. but then after googling images of bears, i was able to find a bear who's posture and positioning was perfect.  And it's adorable. I am now going to try to make SOBEaR look as much like this bear as possible.

    Also, i was a little bit wishy-washy on this concept UNTIL i thought of the name. The moment I thought of the name, this became a PROJECT. at least in my mind, it was not legit until the name was thought of. I think perhaps, in all projects, the title might be the most important element, especially when trying to sell it (not necessarily literally, but in general).

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    What unexpected things happened when you created your design files? 

    When I started designing my puffin robot I realized that there is no innovation or real purpose to a little bird running around on the top of a table. So, I thought of something that I would be useful for me. I live in a basement apartment, with one window that gets light. So, when it is time to wake up, it could be 3 am or 3 pm and the light in the room would be the same. So, I figured it would be nice to have the sun shine in from the window and light up the room. This is where my new concept evolved from. I would like to make an alarm clock that opens the blinds so that you can wake up easier. I could not figure out how to incorporate a clock into the contraption on the blinds. And then I thought of having a plush alarm clock that you could hit in the head to snooze and hold its head to turn it off. The plush toy would be the controller for the blinds and would send out the signal to open and close them. Moving his arms up and down would allow the user to open and close the blinds manually. He would display the time through his teeth.

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    Unexpected things that happened when creating my design files 

    After creating my design files, I began to get a clear idea of the concept that I am trying to execute.

    The physical form of the whole piece was first changed after doing basic sketches and realizing that I could easily make the project customizable by adding a removable faceplate for it. This inspired me to create 2 layouts, one for a faceplate and one for the main body of the project.

    Laying out the controls was also very interesting. I was able to quickly figure out where things should logically go, as well as refine and change the way in which different elements would be interacted with. By thinking of the types of switches that would fit the design, I was also able to do some technical research for both physical items and costs which helped me to realize if my ideas were feasible.

    Now that I have created a basic design for the product, I hope to be able to use this for some simple user testing and refine the layout, mainly of my buttons, before moving on to creating a fully realized product. I also need to test out several form factors that fit within the dimensions that I have laid out in my document and adjust them accordingly until they make sense as far as fitting the speakers in relation to the overall size of the product.

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