M.W.T.5….How Awesome Is That!? (h.a.i.t)

Hi All!

I’m Lynn Maharas and am super excited about this class Making Wireless Toys 5 (MWT5).  I think it’s pretty awesome….i also enjoy abbreviating things (e.a.t.).

I am a second year grad student here at Parsons Design & Technology and am interested in creating physical objects to display digital aspects. 

I have an education in anthropology and geography and am very interested in the physical/natural world.  I worked as a professional cartographer prior to graduate school and feel a strong connection to terrain and local.  Themes of space/place, and physical topology constantly influence and "ground" my work (pun intended). 

I am looking forward to creating some great, physical devices in this class while I explore ways to bridge between the digital and physical.  I decided to take this class as a way to explore these ideas while also incorporating elements of play.  I look forward to further understanding electronics and learning how and when to apply them to my work.

As far as my favorite childhood toy, it would have to be my teddy bear.  He was a gift from my grandmother and stayed by my side for many, many years.  Oh!  And I was obsessed with finger paints!

P.S.  here’s where I’m putting more neato bonito stuff: lynnwashere.com/blog