Unbreakable Fisher-Price Elephant

I got a simple Fisher-Price Elephant toy, which starts/stops playing a tune when the user bops its head.  As for dissecting the toy…Well, let’s just say "simple" is not synonymous with "easy."  Given that it’s a baby-toy, I expected it to be firmly built; but I didn’t think it would be impossible to break it apart with a few hits with a hammer…

1. Original Form: What appears to be a innocent little elephant.


2. Opening the Battery Cover: There were two screws that secured the battery cover.Cimg1629

3. No Other Screws!  Go for the Leg!: The two screws for the battery cover were the only ones that were visible on the exterior of the toy.  I decided to snap off the front-right leg in hopes of revealing more screws.
However, once it was snapped off, I was able to see only one other screw, which was the screw that secured that opposite leg. 

4. Get the Saw Out: After many attempts to snap the toy open with a hammer and a minus-screwdriver, I decided to carefully "shave" open the elephant with a saw.  However, it was taking too long, and my arms were getting tired, so I reverted back to the screwdriver and hammer…  I wasn’t getting too far, so Yuri eventually helped me loosen the parts and take all the legs off.


5. Saw2: Even with all the legs off, I still couldn’t see much of its interior, so I made a small cut in front of its body.  Cimg1662
The speaker was revealed as a result. 

6. Bye Saw! Hello Giant Scissors! (I think they’re called Shears?): The small opening made in step 5 helped me see the inside a little bit better, but I still couldn’t access the "brain" that operated the toy.  As I began sawing again, Yuri found a better tool for me: Giant Scissors!  I was able to easily cut open the entire side of its body to finally reveal the inside.

7. Closer Look: The toy functions mainly by three parts: a button, speaker and a microchip.  The head, once it’s pushes, pushes the button and triggers the microchip to play the tune out of the speaker.