project proposal sketches

So I have some pretty silly ideas, just bare with me.

This is a simulation of natural grasses rustling as someone walks past a vase.

how it works:
3 vases filled with "natural" grasses with IR sensor in the bottom of the vase, detects when the beam is broken by a passer – by and triggers a buzzer motor to rustle the grass for a short period.
Each vase is wired separate.  The illusion is of something walking thru the grass along side the person.

This idea was developed with Erik Burke as a way to determine how close or far two bikes are from eachother. 

how it works:
Erik and his girlfriend, Taelor, ride their bikes together, yet Erik doesn’t know if he is riding too fast or slow.  We decided that the UNTANDEM TANDEM is the solution he needs. 
Bike 1 has an IR reciever and bike 2 has an IR emmitter.  Bike 1 will then alert the rider (Erik) if bike 2 (Taelor) is too far behind or too close.  Bike 1 rider will then know to slow down or speed up.
Bike 1 will emitt either a verbal or visual, light, que to let Erik know how far behind Taelor is from him.

3. Zipper Time
Inspired by JooYoun Paek’s "Zipper Orchestra" I thought it would be funny to change the zipper to trigger "do it" music and dim the lighting.  I know, I know……This is 12 year old humor, but hey….it makes me giggle.  I guess that means I’m 12.  I can handle that.

how it works:
1 pair of jeans with a metal zipper that when unzipped dims the lighting and plays Barry White songs.