Hello All.

Upload your videos or flash animations before class starts on to Vimeo, YouTube, or etc..  Then embed them into your post.
Save into category of your name and category "Concept Sketch".

Video can take a long time and have any technical challenges.
Make sure you spend most of your time on/in the video showing user interaction. Show your smart object in action and iteration, including color and distinct recorded dialogue if your object has it.

DO NOT spend most of your time on styling and background music. At this stage use minimal video production skills. Think more in the lines of "video sketch" and video prototyping. Do the best you can in a week time frame, but Finish the assignment.

Your object and your user should have a complete interaction.  In video.

Blog Categories. This blog has a readership outside the immediate class. This is generally a good thing, for all parties. To help this categorize your posts correctly.
I’ve added two more categorizes. Concept Sketch and Hardware Photos.  Please go through your posts to reto-actively categorize them if they included Code and/or also Hardware photos.  Have posts in as many categories as is appropriate and needed [including your name].

Keep up the grad level work.